LED-Display Tubes

In order to perfectly showcase a Waxhand, we have developed these patented LED-Display Tubes.

Currently there are 2 versions:

  • Battery powered Version
  • Adaptor powered Version

Battery powered Version:

This is our most basic version. It lights up the Waxhand from underneath. The colors in the display changes, resulting in a color changing Waxhand.

Adaptor powered Version:

This is our luxurious version, it is powered via an adaptor. Since we distribute worldwide, we made sure to have the correct plug for each region:

  • UK
  • USA
  • Europe

Like the Battery powered Version, these LED-Display tubes can also change color. Additionally they rotate, so you can look at the Waxhand from all sides.

These LED-Display Tubes are the perfect accessory for a Waxhand, and since the introduction of this product, our customers have reported revenue increases of at least 40%, making it a great addition for Waxhands.